Jan 092012

Finally I have decided to start a blog. It took a while to convince myself that it is the right thing to do. I tried to consider all the obvious and not-so-obvious reasons and ended up with a list of 9 reasons. Here is that list in decreasing importance (Well maybe not)

  1. Develop myself  to be one of world’s leading expert on project management
  2. Spread knowledge and help others understand concepts
  3. Contribute to the project management knowledge base
  4. Strengthen project management as a profession
  5. Obtain readers’ comments on my thoughts and understandings and learn from diverse opinions
  6. Network with other project management bloggers
  7. Express opinion on project management related issues
  8. Use blogging as a medium to establish strong internet presence
  9. Create project management consulting opportunities

Do you see any of these as egocentric? Do you blog for any other reason?

I plan to blog regularly. Maybe once a week at the start. So next one is due in a week. No hurry.


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